Miss T's No Bull Writing Workshops

don't put the backstory in the front! for $10!

Does your story start with an info dump about your character?

Are your readers falling asleep before they get to page 2?

If so, you've put too much backstory in the front! Instead, consider dripping and dropping backstory only as needed. (The excellent Severus Snape example is at 1:41).

Bring the first small chunk words or so of your story (500-1000 words) to workshop and we'll put that backstory where it belongs!

Monday July 12, 8:30-10:30am Eastern Standard Time.

This will be the first of a series of $10 workshops on various writing issues. For more info, fill in below, remember to confirm in your email, watch the video, and click through until you arrive at the payment page:

Help me put my backstory where it belongs.

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